Recovery Patterns in Bilingual Aphasia: Influential Factors & Cross-Language Transfer

Over 2/3 of the world’s population speak more than one language, generating interest in the field of bilingual aphasia and particularly its recovery. Among the many theories on recovery patterns, it is widely accepted that parallel recovery of a bilingual’s languages is the most common (i.e. both languages recover at the same rate). Of those cases of nonparallel recovery, the oldest theories on which language recovers best are the first language (Ribot’s law) or the dominantly used language (Pitres’ law). This review discusses the evidence for these theories in addition to considering influential factors of recovery, and exploring whether therapy in one language can transfer to untreated languages.

Read the full literature review here: Recovery Patterns in Bilingual Aphasia


5 thoughts on “Recovery Patterns in Bilingual Aphasia: Influential Factors & Cross-Language Transfer

  1. Hi Marianne, I’m a friend of your mum, she recommended I take a look at your blog as I’m working with dementia clients at present. Really interesting. I especially found the info on the dementia village & on aphasia interesting. I look forward to reading more articles/watching videos in the future. Many thanks. Lynn Barnard

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