I’m a graduate in Psychology BSc from the University of York, starting an MSc in Neuroscience, Language and Communication at UCL in September. From 2011-2012 I was the editor of the University of York’s PsychOut magazine, a student produced magazine exploring the wonders of psychology.

This blog is made for anyone who is interested in psychology and neuroscience – no qualifications required! I write about interesting findings in the field, old and new, as well as talking about the science behind topical news stories. I’ve personally found reporting on science to be, at one extreme, too complicated for anyone but the author to understand, and at the other extreme, watered-down and on the frivolous side in order to make a story that will sell. Like the publications I admire most, my hope for this blog is to hit somewhere in the middle.

I also tweet @maricezza. Follow, feel free to contact me, and enjoy!


The nodes of Ranvier are the gaps between fatty cells (myelin sheath) that insulate neuron axons. (NB: to my dismay, I learnt that this is also the name of a Christian heavy metal band from South Dakota). The myelin sheath and its nodes of Ranvier increase the neurons’ conductivity so that they can fire more quickly and efficiently. This is the basis for the brain’s workings, allowing humans to write blogs and make Christian metal music.


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